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Knowing how to build your creative brand
online shouldn’t have to be so hard.

And I agree.
But the reality is, is that there is a lot of work that needs to be
done to break through the noise and get noticed in this “Attention Economy”.
Let me show you on why that’s not true and how you can start positioning yourself as an Influencer, brands want to work with today!


You want to know how to position yourself as a Micro Influencer and how to approach brands for collaboration deals? Read, or listen, to this.


Ready to get down to business and talk strategy? Here is a step-by-step article to get you started, or listen to it on Soundcloud, Spotify, or Podbean.


Want to know how to “set and forget” your Instagram posts for the week without push notifications? Those tools here.

Still trying to figure out how to become an MUA
Influencer & build your Instagram following?


And that’s one of the reasons you’re here.

To get detailed answers and instruction on how to market yourself - whether you’re starting off with 5 followers (hey mom & dad!) or 5,000.

We’re going to go over subjects, like how to position yourself as an influencer brands want to work with, to leveraging platforms outside of Instagram to grow your audience. I cover this and more, so it’s easy to follow AND implement.

You ready to do this?
Then let’s get down to business.

You’re posting your bomb a$$ images on Instagram. You’re attaching the right hashtags to the post, at the right time.
But still…nothing’s happening.

What’s the deal?

Posting a pretty picture with hashtags on Instagram, isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Today, and moving forward, you have to be strategic to grow your online presence and get attention in a flooded market.