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Yo. I’m Gigi Rodgers.
Let’s be formal for a second.

Gigi is a Creative Director, Video Editor, an AfroPunk with Content Marketing Tendencies - and an advocate for girls & women wearing blue lipstick while John Wicking there way through stereotypes in their life and career.

This IS being formal, right?...

After being in the marketing stratosphere for several years, she’s focusing on something she JUST. KEEPS. GOING. BACK TO....

Customizing & painting on stuff.
Just about any stuff. Though her latest obsession - painting on sneakers.

Gigi Red.jpg

Apparently binge-watching YouTube videos on sneaker customs for 2.5 years while living in Shanghai, China - reeeeeally left an imprint on her.

So when she arrived back into the "USA!" soil, she got to moving to transforming old, janky sneakers into works of wearable art, and - who knew?!...she's pretty good at it!It definitely surprised the sh*t out of her...


So here she is today.Painting sneakers (and other stuff). Reimagining thrift clothes. Teaching about presenting on video. And just - going for it.

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