"Yummy" Reebok Classics (US Mens Size 8 / One Pair Available)

"Yummy" Reebok Classics (US Mens Size 8 / One Pair Available)


**ONE PAIR AVAILABLE // SIZE 8 MENS (but if you're a woman who can fit these, make it happen!**


The "Yummy" Reeboks - inspired by Parris Goebel's choreography to Justin Bieber's single, "Yummy". If you haven't seen the video yet, search for it on YouTube. It's amazing.

As far as the sneaker goes:

  • No, the paint will not chip or peel off
  • The sneaker has been thoroughly cleaned - by hand and washer machine
  • Shipping is included in the price (U.S. only)
  • All sales final


This shoe is a part of the "Rehab Series" where I purchase a pair of used sneakers and turn them into gold. 
I mean...look at these.
They're amazing.
Ready to be worn by an amazing person who isn't afraid to stand out.


Again, look at these.

They're head turners.

Clout boosters, easily.