"Yummy" Reebok Classics (Custom Order)

"Yummy" Reebok Classics (Custom Order)


Yes, these are the same as the "Yummy" Reeboks in The Rehab Project.
Though, the difference between those and these, is that these will be in YOUR size. 


The "Yummy" Reeboks are inspired by Parris Goebel's choreography to Justin Bieber's single, "Yummy".

If you haven't seen the video yet, search for it on YouTube.
It's amazing.


To answer some of your questions now:

  • No the paint, nor the, design do not come off or scratch off (I already gave them "The Butterknife Scratch Test" and they passed beautifully).

  • There's an 8-week turnaround time (max) after purchase.

  • Each order is a one-of-a-kind original, piece of wearable art. No two will ever be EXACTLY the same.

  • This price includes the purchase of the shoe and shipping (U.S. shipping only, at this time).

  • All sales final


Two things you should prepare for:

  • People will stare
  • People will ask to take pictures of your shoes - if you choose to wear them in public.


Enjoy your popularity.