The Puck'n Khaos Sneaker Kit

The Puck'n Khaos Sneaker Kit


So - you've watched enough of my YouTube tutorials, on custom painting sneakers, to have a go at it yourself. 

Well let's get you set up right.


What's in the box?:

  • A 6-pack of paint brushes
  • (1) small paint palette
  • (1) small roll of masking tape & vinyl tape
  • (1) small pack of sand paper (400/600 grit)
  • (1) small bottle of Adhesion Promoter
  • (1) small bottle of Finisher
  • (1) small pack of cotton balls
  • (1) small pack of cotton swabs
  • (1) pair or yellow rubber gloves
  • (3) 2oz. mixing cups
  • (1) reusable plastic mixer (optional)
  • (3) bottles of Angelus Paint (of your choosing)


What you'll need to get?
Your sneakers, acetone (the industrial quality of Klean Strip is my go-to), and a blow dryer (or hair dryer)


FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. only. 

The kit ships out within 48 hours.

All sales final.