Cutie-Patootie Kawaii Custom

Cutie-Patootie Kawaii Custom


Into Kawaii art?
Then these cutie-patootie custom kicks are just what you're looking for to "round out" your style.

To answer some of your questions now:

  • No the paint, nor the, design do not come off or scratch off (I already gave them "The Butterknife Scratch Test" and they passed beautifully).

  • There's an 8-week turnaround time (max) after purchase.

  • Each order is a one-of-a-kind original, piece of wearable art. No two will ever be EXACTLY the same.

  • This price includes the purchase of the shoe and shipping (U.S. shipping only, at this time).

  • All sales final


Two things you should prepare for:

  • People will stare
  • People will ask to take pictures of your shoes - if you choose to wear them in public.


Enjoy your popularity.