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Yes, this all-over print tee says "Focus", not "Pocus". And with all the wavy lines, it's a pun. You know? Bah-dah-psst!...
It's best worn with black or an orange-red pair of pants or sweats. And black and white sneakers with a hint of orange-red, either on the tag or the sneaker itself. 
I just created the look for you. And it's fire. You're welcome.

If you need more information about this tee, check out the Product Information.
Go ahead. You know you're curious about the blend... 

Focus Tee | All-Over Print

  • Let's get into the important stuff about this tee:

    made from a super smooth and comfortable cotton touch polyester jersey

    • Made from a super smooth & comfortable cotton touch polyester jersey. Yeah, we're talking Keith Sweat in "The Love Below" type of smooth. Composing it's makeup "95% polyester, 5% elastane" to sound, all KINDS of sexy.
    • No Fading, No Shrinking. Even though we know this tee will most likely get washed 4 times in it's 12+ year ownership with you, we wanted to make sure that it fits & looks the same, as when it first arrived.
    • Tear away label. Once you get your tee, glance at the label to make sure that it's the correct size. Then try it on to make sure it fits nicely. It does? Good. You have done your due diligence for the week. Now rip that label off and continue with your day. If you can't quite get the right angle to rip it off clean, don't stress over it. That's why man created scissors. The only thing that should make you scratch your back is the frigid weather & your dehydrated skin. And you got cocoa butter to remedy that.
    • Durable material. Whether you wash it 4 times, or 400 (like a weirdo), during it's lifetime - it won't fade, fray, or thin.
      It's as reliable as a Honda Accord. Choose any model, any year. It'll still be in great enough condition to pass down to your children, because you actually VALUE your family heirlooms.
      It can be worn like a welcomed classic, like "Space Balls: The Movie" or "Back to the Future".
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