How a Makeup Artist Can Leverage 2.3 Million Redditors and Drive Traffic to Grow Their Instagram

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

NOTE: Eventhough this article is written for makeup artists - non-makeup artists can take advantage of this strategy as well.

Your MAIN OBJECTIVE when growing your Instagram following In everything you post and everything you do… Should be to drive traffic back to your Instagram profile.


You are going to be on Instagram promoting your work using hashtag strategy, IG stories, organizing collaborations, etc.


Also think about other social platforms, outside of Instagram, that can lead traffic back to your Instagram account.


If only there was a platform that has over 330M+ active members, monthly…

That can lead over 2.35M+ people who are into makeup, just like you, to your Instagram profile…

That could, possibly, offer up opportunities to be featured in online publications nationally and internationally…

It just so happens that such a magical, wonderland exists. And you have E-A-S-Y access to it.


The Wikipedia definition of Reddit, is a social community forum where “registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members”.

It dubs itself as the “front page of the internet”.

And that’s not an empty promise.

It’s one of the top 7 most popular sites in the United States.

Now that you know it holds weight, what’s the overall strategy on using it to increase your Instagram following?


You’re going to post and participate in makeup subreddit groups and, gradually, lead people back to your Instagram profile.

And here’s how it’s going to go down.

The main players of makeup communities on Reddit are:

  • r/makeupaddiction

  • r/unconventionalmakeup

  • r/drugstoremua

Some of the runner-ups:

  • r/drag

  • r/brownbeauty

  • r/asianbeauty

OKAY. You’ve found your kinfolk. Now what?

  • Join/Subscribe to the groups.


  • This is important, as these admins lay down the hammer if your a repeat offender of breaking the rules.

  • Comment on other members images or answer community questions - AT LEAST 3X per week.

  • Post your Instagram ready images in the groups. But again, look inside every group to see what would work best.

For example, for one group you could post a selfie while listing the products you use - and that’ll be fine.

For this image of Sonjdra, this could easily go live in r/brownbeauty and r/makeupaddiction.

For other groups, perhaps a picture tutorial would be best.

For this image of Emily, people would drool over this in such subs like r/randomactsofmakeup and r/unconventionalmakeup.

Overall, take your time to look inside the groups and see what would add value to the community.

At the end of the day, the person who adds the most value to the community, wins.


You can’t directly link your Instagram image to your Reddit post.

You need to organically upload it in the forum. Here’s how you do it.

STEP 1: Go to the forum you want to upload an image to and choose “Image & Video”.

Upload your image from there and add a title and context.

Context, mainly being, a list of makeup products you used.

STEP 2: To view your image, and open it so it’s wider on the platform, select the “widen” box under posted.

It both widens and shrinks your image.


If you post watermarked images with your Instagram handle into any of these groups - they’ll take you down in less than an hour.

If you repeatedly do this, they’ll ban you.

You COULD link back to your Instagram profile in the context of your post - as most of these forums ask you to list the products you used.

But it’s frowned upon as well.

To get around this and leverage the audience to find you on Instagram - you edit your handle in each group AND make your bio work for you.



Go to the subreddit and find your username handle. It should always be under “Community Details” on the right hand side of your screen.


Select “Add User Flair”.


Add your Instagram handle.


Afterwards, this is what will appear for every new post or comment you publish.

Make sure that your ‘User Flair Preview’ is your Reddit username and your Instagram handle.


Your IG handle is now attached to your username in that group.


Yes, you could put some things in your bio like how you wish that bacon was a vegetable.

But for your brand, it doesn’t hurt to put links to all the places you would like to direct people to find out more about you, like:

  • Your Instagram (again)

  • Your Website/Blog

  • Your Twitter, and more.

I wouldn’t list ALL your social media platforms.

That can be overwhelming to your new visitor.

Choose 1-2 of the main sites you would like them to visit. And for this purpose, Instagram should be your #1.


Let’s say that a writer for a publication finds you in one of these subs, and wants to feature you.

Yes, it happens.

from HypeBeast. From this feature on both their website and their Instagram, I received over 2000 new Instagram followers in less than 36 hrs.

When they looked at your overall portfolio of work on your profile - they saw consistent, AWESOME work that’s popular.

So yeah, they decide to give you a feature - which is even MORE eyeballs getting exposed to your work.

The usual protocol, to ask for permission to feature you, or to just give you heads up they’ll be doing so, is to either:

  • Direct message you in Reddit

  • Slide into your DMs on Instagram and message you

  • Or email you, if you have your email address on Instagram

After you gracefully say, “Hell Yeah!”, make sure you get notified when it goes live by telling them something to this effect:

And once you get that link:

  • Tweet it.

  • Post it in your IG stories.

  • On your IG page.

  • Post it on your FB page.

  • Publish it on Pinterest.

  • Or submit it to Zest.

Do any or all of the above - and be in the good graces of that writer/publication for helping to promote traffic to not only yourself, but to their publication as well.

This can lay the foundation of you, possibly, getting featured again down the line.


OF COURSE, you’re posting regularly in these groups. At least, 2-3X per week (but more is always better).

You’re joining in on the community conversation, at least, 3-4X per week. You’re being social on social media. It’s fun.

And you’re answering EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT. OR QUESTION. that someone leaves on your posts - even if it’s a simple ‘Thank You’!

Because you’re grateful, damnit.

I’ve stayed up WELL into the AM to answer as many people as I POSSIBLY could, if not every single comment, people would leave on my posts.

I’m not saying that you have too, but again, grateful.


Join and participate in makeup Reddit groups.

Tweak your username/flair by adding your Instagram handle to each sub you join.

Post regularly inside the groups.

Reap the benefits.

Hopefully you learned something from this content strategy on how to leverage your time on Reddit, and 2.3 million other makeup afficionados, to send to your Instagram.


What tips do you have for promoting your work using Reddit as a medium?

Let me know in the comments below.


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