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How to Paint Your Sneakers
Over the Weekend 
(The Beginner's Edition)

(7 Lessons | 27 Minutes)

Well hey now, Misfit.

You're probably looking at your kicks right now thinking, "These can be better".
How? You're not sure yet - but you know that these can be better. 
They can feel more like you. And in their current state, it's not happening.


You're not looking for some fresh, white (yaaaaaawn) kicks. You're looking for something that'll get you stopped in the street by a complete stranger, who will ask - if they can take a picture of your shoes. And then of course will ask, where you got them from. 

This is an attainable reality.

You're not trying to blend in.
You're looking to get seen, envied, and tagged on Instagram.

You're looking to be vocal, without saying a word. 
You're looking for heads to bow down so they can get a peek at your feet, as you walk by.

You're looking to say those sweet, sweet words, "Where did I get these shoes? Oh, I made them".

Oooooooh, hear the cherubim sing!...

And since these stores aren't providing you with the glamour gear you're needing to floss, posh, and pose in your social territory - you'll just have to take matters into your own hand, while keeping your wallet healthy.

Enter, How to Paint Your Sneakers Over the Weekend (The Beginner's Edition).

You're not the waiting type. You're the "move bitch, you're in my way" type.
And that's EXACTLY what this course is going to give you the foundation to do.

Let's get into some of the perks of this course, that'll change the way you look at unremarkable sneakers - and open your eyes to a technicolor shoe collection that's at your finger tips.

The 2-Steps That Will Make the Difference Between Shoes That Crack & Shoes That Last

Once you do these 2-steps, A LOT of your worries over cracking - go out of the window.

The Magical Ingredient you need To add to your paint to decrease creasing in the toe box

This was a game-changing, Hogwarts magic-type addition to my painting arsenal.

the no holds barred finisher that reigns supreme amongst professional sneaker artists

This finisher is so good, if someone steps on your fresh kicks in public - you won’t even sweat it. Why? Becaue you know it’s scratch resistaaaaaaaaaant!

the exact list of supplies i use for
every custom

Once you invest in these supplies, you’ll be
set for a LONG while.


1. Introduction
2. The Shopping List
3. Precautions & Techniques
4. Cleaning Your Sneaker
5. Prepping Your Sneaker
6. The Paint Job
7. The Ultimate Finisher



Screenshot from the online sneaker customizing course
Screenshot from the online sneaker customizing course


“Gigi's course is one of the best I've found on how to customize sneakers. I'm a beginner, and yet, by following her directions and list of materials, I've been able to customize my first three pairs of sneakers. As a teacher, Gigi's instructions are clear, concise, and 100% relatable!” 

- Thredith Undomiel

“This was such a fun class! It was so well organized and presented. It was a real pleasure to watch and learn the process of painting sneakers”.

- Monica Armer

“It is BY FAR AND NEAR the most thorough and efficient (she says nothing that is NOT important as often is the case in other vid platforms, and she is like a poet or journalist who has shred away all those useless and quirky dialogue fillers for mere facts and her delivery is sincere, genuine and creatively inspiring!)”. 

- Naville Hector

“Great course for a beginner like me who is new to sneaker customisation , teacher was fun and informative and the instructions were clear and concise”.

-Kara Foulkes


Get the course today, and learn how to clean & paint your used sneakers to look brand, spankin' new.

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