Trusting the Process, Finding Your Mentor, and Permanently Borrowing with Noel Miciano | Puck'n Khaos

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If you’re in a rush and need to get all the golden nuggets out of this interview, don’t worry - I got you covered.

I picked out the good, juicy parts of the interview - which you’ll see in the show notes.
And I went ahead and provided the time stamps.

This way you can get what you need (all the best parts) and keep it movin’.


How did you come about and develop your style [2:21]
Permanently Borrow to develop your foundations [5:40]
How to draw an owl [6:45]
How one would build their portfolio [7:20]
Trusting the process [10:21]
How to find your mentor [21:52]
Following through on advice from your mentor [27:38]
Music to keep you focused [30:24]
How to promote your work [34:45]
Using Reddit to promote your work [41:38]
Why I give people my Instagram vs. a business card
Good ice breaker question at networking events [47:43]
One good piece of advice for every mentee [48:53]
Practice makes progress & don’t give up, change your perspective [51:36]
Why proximity to a problem matters [52:26]
What are you trying to accomplish in your art [55:40]

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What was your favorite quote, tactic or strategy from this episode?
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