Your Cheatsheet to Becoming a Badass Influencer Brands Want to Work With

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An audio conversation with Paul Traficanti, of influencer marketing agency Reelio, on how to position yourself as the the stand out microinfluencer for brand work and collaborations.

There are roughly 9 questions that I asked Paul Traficanti of the Influencer Marketing Agency, Reelio, regarding positioning yourself as the STAND OUT CHOICE micro influencer for brand work and collaboration deals. 

If you've ever asked yourself these questions: 

  • How does an influencer stand out to brands to be the outstanding choice, next to another influencer who has the same audience and numbers as you?
  • Where do you start when pricing yourself?
  • What are some of the best practices of influencers?

Then I believe you're going to find this conversation extraordinarily useful, as I did.

QOD(s) // 

What was your favorite nugget of information from this conversation? With that information, how will it play into your online branding endeavours? Share your insights in the comments below. 


  • How many social media platforms should a person have? [3:06]
  • Best practices of influencers [5:03]
  • Working with clients using Snapchat [8:38]
  • Common mistakes that ruins brands [10:28]
  • What makes you stand out from your competition [13:06]
  • Why you need to start writing case studies after working with a brand [14:24]
  • Do you need to register yourself as an LLC? [19:33]
  • Pricing yourself on your platforms [24:50]
  • The Social Blue Book [29:28]
  • What you should focus on when you still have a small audience [31:27]
  • Can I work with a brand's competitors? [34:07]
  • Why you need a contract and what elements should be inside it [35:57]
  • Should an influencer have a website or blog? [38:12]
  • Learning each social channels algorithms [40:41]
  • Reelio - Influencer Marketing Agency