[PODCAST] Diving In, Head First into Developing Your Artistic Brand - with Kathryn Robbins


“The misconception of creativity is [people think] you’re born that way…when it’s [actually] something you have to feed”. - Kathryn Robbins

This is an audio conversation with artist and body painter, Kathryn Robbins.

In this conversation I asked Kathryn in-depth questions about how she’s positioned herself as one of the most in-demand artists - whether it’s a mural painting or a body painting gig, in Shanghai, in 5 years.

Image of  Kathryn Robbins

Questions like: 

  • Where is the starting price for an MUA, in your opinion?

  • How do you know when to raise your prices?

  • How do you advertise your services to brands and clients?

If you’ve ever asked these questions to yourself, then you’ll find this conversation extraordinarily useful and plain interesting to see how others do it in a country where they don’t speak the native language.

QOD(S) // 

What is one technique you want to use to fuel your creativity?


  • Kathryn’s MUA origin story [1:10]

  • Where did you start in pricing yourself for this makeup art? How did you know where to start when pricing yourself? [5:39]

  • Do you siphon out your clients by asking a certain set of questions? [7:10]

  • How one’s decisions on pricing effects the whole industry. [9:53]

  • When is the right time to raise your prices? [11:01]

  • How Kathryn goes about writing a proposal for a job & making sure she doesn’t blow her client’s budget out of the water [18:37]

  • Contract & Deposits [20:15]

  • How do you advertise your services? [24:32]

  • WeChat - The multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment super app of China.

  • Do you do any networking? [26:35]

  • The power of working with other creatives [28:38]

  • How to invest in yourself [29:33]

  • The misconception of creativity [35:19]

  • Kathryn’s Instagram