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    The behind-the-scenes transformations that took place before the FANTASIE en BLANC soiree started.


    Makeup Artist: Kathryn Robbins // Talent/Models: Lu Chen, Jenny, & Don // Videographer & Editing: Gigi Rodgers

    Ye Shanghai Grand Opening

    The behind-the-scenes transformations, and other shenanigans, that took place before the re-grand opening of Ye Shanghai restaurant and bar.


    Body Painters: Kei & Gigi Rodgers // Video Editing: Gigi Rodgers // Videographer: Liya Ma // Models: Leya Se & He Huan

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    Showcase The Team

    Showcase the team (ahem...the characters) behind the project. The audience will care just as much about them, as you do.

    Educate The Audience

    Many people don't realize the length and depth of work involved in organizing an event. Big or small, give them a chance for a deeper understanding of what it takes to host an event.

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    This process is a lot less stressful than you think


    Your Objective

    We'll chat about your preferences for your video creation. From your timeline to your music tastes to the font style.


    I Hit Record

    I think this is self explanatory.


    Your Critique

    I'll send you over the first draft. Want to add titles or delete a number of scenes? Welcome to the editing floor.


    Deliver Assets

    I will deliver the final video assets to you via whatever vehicle you prefer - mobile, Dropbox, email, etc.

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