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    The Making of: The Gigi Lee Photoshoot

    The behind-the-scenes transformations of model and DJ, Gigi Lee, into pop art for a private photoshoot.


    Model: Gigi Lee // Photographer: Nick Fallon // Videographer: Rose Luo // Body Painting & Video Editing: Gigi Rodgers

    The Making of: The Onna-Bugeisha Photoshoot

    The behind-the-scenes work that went into the photoshoot of Nelson Marote's fashion line.


    Fashion Designer: Nelson Marote // Photographer: Amanda Yang // Photography Assistant: Jonathan Yang // Hair Stylists: Mahya Green & Ajie // Models: Mona & Wuyu // Makeup, Videographer, Video Editing: Gigi Rodgers

  • "Plain and simple, [video] is a low-cost, high-return venture". - Mike Wilkinson

  • the benefits of video editing services

    Sometimes you just need to handover a project into capable hands

    Build Your Personal Brand

    This service is available for the business-driven individual looking to start taking their content, their personal brand, or their business seriously. If you see the value in video content for your brand, then this is an investment to helping you get to your overall objectives.

    Save Your Precious Time

    One of the most frustrating things about video assets is the TIME it takes to edit each piece. This does not need to be a time suck. Let's turn that (1) video into MULTIPLE assets you can rotate across all your social media platforms.

    Increase Your Traffic

    An increase in your traffic and engagement, means an increased probability of getting your brand noticed by larger brands for endorsement deals, meet & greets, collaborations, and more.

  • "We're operating in a world where one good video, can lead to a massive social following". - Mike Henry


    This process is a lot less stressful than you think


    Your Objective

    We'll chat about your preferences for your video creation. From your timeline to your music tastes to the font style.


    You Hit Record

    You record the video footage in whatever style that you prefer.


    Hand it Over

    This is when you send over the video asset and I perform my video editing magic.


    Your Critique

    I'll send you over the first draft. Want to add titles or delete a number of scenes? Welcome to the editing floor.


    Deliver Assets

    I will deliver the final video assets to you via whatever vehicle you prefer - mobile, Dropbox, email, etc.

  • "There's no need to spend endless hours learning how to properly edit, when you could be producing other content and playing towards your existing strengths. Those photos for your Instagram profile aren't going to add filters and caption themselves".

    - Gigi Rodgers


    Nelson Marote

    Fashion Designer // Shanghai, China

    "Gigi brought a lot to the team. She is extremely talented and creative. [She] has an incredible personality that fills the room with

    laughter and joy".

    Gigi Lee

    Model & DJ // Shanghai, China

    "The editing was really cool.

    She did an amazing job!"

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