*from the neck up

    I'm Gigi (yup - that's a chick under that layer of paint, above) and I like to use my body as a canvas. If drawing on an actual canvas is "soooo last century" to you (that's literally 17 years ago) and you can blend your eyeshadow in 'til your fingers fuse with the brush, then my video tutorials will give you techniques and tricks to create cool pop art illusions and designs - on yourself.








  • You'll Learn

    ...as I'm learning

    What's In My Tool Box?

    All I need are 5 crayons from the box... ​

    You will be VERY GLAD to hear that I use the same products over...and over...and over...again. That's not only good for you, that's good for your wallet! Hazzah! I like to keep it to a minimum, for now, and make cool sh*t with what I have on hand.

    Interviews with the Pros

    Learn from their victories and mistakes​

    From contestants on Skin Wars to Instagram Powerhouses, and more, I like to learn from some of the best in the biz. Whether it's in written form, podcast, or a video conference - we'll break down some of their coolest techniques to use in our artistic arsenal.


    Your Insta-guinea Pig

    Product Reviews & Case Studies

    From all things Instagram (my stomping grounds) to makeup reviews (when I get any new "toys" for my toolbox) to experiments I run with my own brand - I'll give you my honest review on a product, service, and strategies you can use to further your brand and sharpen your makeup art skills.









  • Don't have a clue as to what products to buy, what kinds of brushes you'll need, and where to start in general when it comes to makeup art?

    Perfect. Welcome to the club. I'll walk you through the 101 of it all.

  • It's Not B**** Face, It's just the way I look


    - Ben Nye MagicCakes in Tahitian Blue and Marine Blue
    - Mehron Liquid Makeup Black & White
    - NYX Jumbo White Pencil
    - Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick in 'Black Velvet'
    - Black eyeshadow




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