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    Dancing is the love of my life. And I somehow intermingle bodypainting into all of this. All those

    shenanigans coming soon.

    Digital Marketing

    Running experiments on myself - I'm going to share growth & branding case studies, & strategies, that will help you grow your business & brand.

    Shanghai, China

    China wasn't on my radar of places to visit, let alone live, in 2016. I'm going to share many of my experiences & adventures with you.


    This is the part where I'm supposed to dangle something cool in front of you to get you to sign up for my blog. At this point, I have no "5 Tools You Need to Use for [Fill in the Blank]", nor do I intend to. What I can tell you is that I intend to not spam your inbox (or I hope you don't view it as that). I intend to send you marketing case studies (I've tried on myself and some others) you can use for you brand/business immediately. Offer information I WISH I would've known about Shanghai before moving here. And I'll bring you along on some small adventures, and talk about new-ish music and dance choreo.


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  • Video Production & Editing Work

    It's my thing.

    The Gigi Lee Photoshoot

    Body Painter: Gigi Rodgers // Video Production: Rose Luo // Video Editing: Gigi Rodgers // Photographer: Nick Fallon

    Ye Shanghai Grand Opening


    Body Painters: Kei & Gigi Rodgers // Video Editing: Gigi Rodgers // Videographer: Liya Ma // Models: Leya Se & He Huan



    Makeup Artist: Kathryn Robbins // Talent/Models: Lu Chen, Jenny, & Don // Videographer & Editing: Gigi Rodgers

    The Phoenix Photoshoot


    Body Painters: Kathryn Robbins // Video Production & Editing: Gigi Rodgers // Photographer: Andre Hayes // Models: Jenni T.


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    6 Ways to Build Your Reputation as a Makeup Artist on Instagram


    Published: 12.11.2015 / Author: Gigi Rodgers / Read Time: ~6 minutes

    If you have ever wondered how to start your personal brand as an MUA (or Make Up Artist) on Instagram, learn from one of the best in the business - Vlada Haggerty or @vladamua.

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