• Hey now. I'm Gigi Rodgers.

    That chick with the blue lipstick .

    (and as often as possible, blue hair)

    I'm a practitioner of content marketing, brand strategy, and video production

    & editing. I'll be writing and creating video about marketing strategies I've tested on

    myself (or others), my ideas and musings about branding, living in Shanghai, body

    painting, life of a wannabe dance student, and any other tidbits that come up.

    I do a lot of shit. It may be too much. Or my ideas & strategies could be exactly what

    you were looking for to jumpstart your own shit.

    Check me out and decide for yourself.

  • "Content is fire. Social Media is gasoline". -Jay Baer


    I sure as hell don't have all the answers to personal branding & marketing.

    But I'm sure we'll figure it out along the way.

    Focusing on:

    Build Your Personal Brand

    Your Name Matters

    If you're a creative person who lacks the marketing & strategy mindset to promote your name/brand, you're in the right place. I'll flesh out all kinds of strategies that will take some of the guessing game out of promoting yourself.

    Increase Your Traffic

    aka Building Your Leverage

    An increase in your traffic and engagement, means an increased probability of getting your brand noticed by larger brands for endorsement deals, meet & greets, collaborations, and more.

    Brain Dump Sessions

    An Idea Dump of Ideas Comin' at Ya

    Oh you guys are in for a liquor-filled chocolate treat! These sessions are when I have an idea, that I personally may or may not try. I'll flesh out a strategy for anyone to take advantage of, if it inspires you.  


    In the arena of marketing & branding, I will be talking about body painting and MUA the most.

    Though I don't paint on others anymore, I still do enjoy painting on myself.


    Here are some of my favorite pieces I've done either on myself, or for client work.

    It's Not B**** Face, It's Just the Way I Look

    The Making Of: The Gigi Lee Photoshoot

    The Making of: The Onna-Bugeisha Photoshoot

    The Making of the Grand Re-Opening of Ye Shanghai

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