• Hey now. I'm Gigi Rodgers.

    I've been featured in such publications as Mashable, Hypebeast, and MyModernMet. I'm a practitioner of content marketing, video production & editing, and a creative wantrepeneur. I'm going to be writing about marketing strategies I've tested on myself (or others). I won't give you advice, but lots of strategy about marketing, branding, living in Shanghai, and any other tidbits that come up that don't suck.

    Some people find me odd. Others have thanked me for my "out-of-the-box" thinking.
    Check me out and decide for yourself.


    She has this obsession with Bob Ross re-runs. And 'YES', when Stitch had a marathon of Bob Ross episodes - she spent the whole weekend watching him paint happy trees, that are homes to happy squirrels.
    Aww. We love you Bob.



















  • If you've ever asked these questions,

    you're in the right place.



    • "How can I show people what we REALLY do?"
    • "I need someone personable to video record this event. Who do we know that has a good attitude?"
    • "Video editing is a time suck! Is there anyone who can just do THAT?!"


    • "How in the Billy Blank am I supposed to keep up with posting my pics consistently?"
    • "What email should I write to pitch publications and reach out to influencers?"
    • "What the freak is "banking content?"


    • "Are there black people in Shanghai?"
    • "Where do you get your hair done?"
    • "How do you get around if you can't read Mandarin?"
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