• Gigi Rodgers

    The woman behind the paint job.

    The Quick & Dirty Bio

    • I call people 'squirrel' a lot. 
    • Affinity For: Hair Tattoos & Body Painting and anything Naruto related
    • Spirit Animals: Grace Jones and Ronda Rousey 
    • Powers: Enthusiasm, with armed confetti cannons 
    • Weaknesses: Bubble Tea and Bob Ross Re-runs
    • Current Residence: Shanghai, China

    Never underestimate the power of boredom. It can take you places you never would've imagined. Me? A damn body painter (from the shoulders up). All because of curiosity, boredom, and an old picture of Grace Jones (you're a Titan madam).
    And now I've been featured in Hypebeast, My Modern Met, AIGA, Design Milk, and more. Hazzah!

  • A lot of people don't realize, that it's just me, my phone

    on a tripod, and a painted foam board hanging from a roller clothing rack by some shower rings - when I take my pictures. I'm DIY as hell.

    - Gigi Rodgers

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you call yourself Puck'n Khaos?

    I find it funny when people say it. As if they'll accidentally use an 'F' instead of a 'P' when they say the name. They enunciate very...slowly...

    What exactly is this place?

    Oh, you're in for a liquor filled chocolate treat! This is my hot spot where I show you tips and tricks on the art of body painting/face art, to add to your creative arsenal. You know, an activity to do next time it's too hot to go outside or your Netflix subscription gets cancelled.

    Doing this might not be your first choice, but I'm in the top 5. WOO!!

    Why do you do body painting?

    Why are you asking so many questions?!
    But really, because it's pretty damn fun and I'm pretty good at it - shockingly. Honestly, I am a tragic sketch artist. I can't even draw a straight line. Instead I draw a bunch of dashes. Ha! I REALLY SHOULD go take a drawing class. But then I transform my face into a skull, or make myself look like a comic book character, or turn my body into a piece of graffiti, which makes me think, 'Screw class'. It's all a balancing act in my head.

    Some people crochet or play the guitar when they're bored, I doodle on my body.

    Do you go outside in your paint?

    All the time. The longest trek was when I drove 1.5 hours in full body paint AND clothes to go take pictures in Richmond for an hour. Then I drove back, still in full body painting face and clothes.

    And no, I haven't been pulled over by the cops. (knock on forehead)

    More Questions?

    Hit me up at pucknkhaos [at] gmail [dot] com

  • "Whatever the question is, the answer is bacon or pie".

    - Gigi Rodgers

  • The Humble Brag

    Featured In

  • "I came into this game, with no clue with what I was doing. I just started. I was prepared to be crappy in the beginning, but it never really happened. But now that I'm learning all these new techniques, I have to try A LOT HARDER not to suck".

    - Gigi Rodgers

  • Connect With Me

    Things are about to go DOWN and it's going to be an amazing color splash.



    Snapchat: pucknkhaos



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